A and B

MTSU English Professors


I’m tired of an education where I do not get any satisfaction out of anything. Unfortunately, this is where I am in the English Department at MTSU. Some of the professors are nice, most of them know their craft, but I just can’t stand being talked down to and being told what to read and what to believe. I’m positively ill with being told what to think when reading Modern British Literature or that my views on  literary analysis are wrong. The only concrete methodology of doing anything is only in mathematics. 2+2 must always = 4.

Why then am I told what to believe or that my writing sucks?! I make errors just like the next person. I am flawed. But, why talk down to someone who wants to improve? I want to better my skills as a writer. I want to become a practitioner of the complex art of English. I’m no Dr. Johnson, Charles Dickens or a great author of the 20th century. I just want to be me, a guy who loves English and loves to write, and aspire for greatness

I remember when I did my associates at Motlow, how much of a grand time I had. Okay, so I spent three years at a two year school. Go ahead, judge me. “Chris is slow.” Shut up. No, I had to deal the agony of attempting to get my asinine mathematics credit out of the way. You can just imagine how the specter of the GRE looms in the back of my mind. But, I digress. When I was at Motlow, the professors cared that their students understood and developed a since of themselves. Classes were small, teachers took time to know their students, one felt like they belonged. I owe a lot to that school, not because I have an Honors Associates Degree from it, but because of what it taught me.

In high school, I was never challenged. Motlow changed that. I was given the tools and the courage to succeed, I was allowed to spread my wings and fly. Such a gift I can never return.

I wish MTSU was like that. I wish instead of focusing on the mundane and the superficiality of sports, the insipidness of the SGA and teachers who don’t give a rats fart about their students, the college was more student focused. The whole “I’m One” slogan is a joke. I don’t feel like I’m apart of anything than a machine, Welcome to the Machine a song by Pink Floyd effortlessly comes to my mind.

When I graduate. That’s right it’s when I graduate, not if. I want to be able to say that I learned something appropriate, something useful. I want to be shout that I can finally differentiate the uses of a comma and a semicolon. I want to shout that I can actually proofread and edit my own material, I don’t have to beg someone friend of mine to do it for me.

Most of all I want to be able to USE my degree to further my own aspirations and dreams. I long to write either for a newspaper column or online news source. I want to fashion pieces in the same beautiful style as Meryl Gordon (who I adore.) I’ve loved English for so long, I can’t see myself doing anything else.

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