Another Step Closer

Despite the heat, despite the economic woes, despite how life seems to get us down – it still goes on.

I’m a step closer, a day closer to yet another fall semester full of school. I’m taking on a nice 15 hours, with the option for another three. I’m resolved that my summers should be filled with doing something. Something, just to keep myself busy. I decided not to go for summer classes, I didn’t think I had the attention for it, and the job applications I sent out went unnoticed. Oh, that’s such a surprise. I’m rethinking my decision NOT to go to summer school. I should have, but I can’t cry over it now as the summer session concludes soon.

Tuition is due on the 23rd and school restarts for the fall semester on the 27th.

I’m quite excited about this semester and hope I can remain positive and forthright about how I feel about my classes. I started this blog with one consideration: detailing how my last year of undergraduate education is going to pan out.

While cleaning out the linen closet, a few days ago, I found my mother’s copy of The GRE for Dummies 3rd Edition by Suzee Vlk. I flipped through the book and true to the title “for dummies,” I felt like one. I looked at the math portion thinking, “I’m doomed!” Heck, I plucked the book out of relative dusty obscurity, thinking I would just look at it. Now, I’m not so sure an MA is in the cards for me. I’m looking too far down the road anyway, I haven’t even finished my BA program yet.

I wonder what truly is in the cards for me academically. I know I will graduate from MTSU, I succeeded in doing so at Motlow. But, really what is there out in the “real world” for someone with a BA in English and Cultural Studies?! One is either going to take the teaching route or end up doing their own thing.

I’ve been reading up on Yahoo! News about those college degrees that those graduating in 2011 and 2012 will find most useless – B.A. in English wasn’t one of them. Yet, what can one do successfully with a liberal arts degree besides teaching? Who knows. The real world has yet to slap me in the face.

For now, I’m just going to focus on finishing up my degree. Here’s to yet another semester with my shoulder to the wheel and my nose to the grindstone.

Until next time.

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