On Tuesday, August 23rd, Barbra Streisand and Columbia Records will release What Matters Most: Barbra Streisand sings the lyrics of Alan and Marilyn Bergman

The sixty-fifth release by Streisand, has already garnered positive reviews from industry insiders and those that have been lucky enough to listen to the album in its entirety pre-release.

Following the 2009 release of Love is the Answer, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, Columbia is planning a media blitz – to prove that indeed Streisand is still “What Matter’s Most.” To gain maximum effect – Streisand will be featured in an interview on CBS Sunday Morning this coming Sunday (August 21st) and Starbucks is getting into the action, offering a rare opportunity to see the footage from this year’s MusicCares Tribute to the singer between the 23rd and 30 of this month. Even BBC Radio has debuted tracks from the album.

Facebook marketing (how subtle)

QVC has already offered the “Deluxe” edition of the album (2 CDs) with a DVD bonus. Hey, it makes sense to me! If the marketing can get Streisand yet another #1 album, Go for it!

Of the reviews I’ve read: from the less than challenging (So-so Gay) or the B+ given by Entertainment Weekly, perhaps one of the most direct and honest comes from Allison J. Waldman who writes, ” ‘What Matters Most’ shows us that she continues to possess the voice of a wondrous Stradivarius, the skill as a consummate actress and the intelligence of a fine director — all wrapped up in one amazing package.”

You can read her entire review here.

Thank you, Ms. Waldman for writing a most thoughtful and honest review of the album.

Honestly, I’m tired of insipid reviews of albums that barely scratch the surface. Whenever an artist (it doesn’t matter who) releases a new recording, it helps to immerse oneself into the recording. Finding all the nuances, phrasing, listening to the orchestra, the arranging. Music should be enjoyed on a multitiered level.

I enjoy the experience of listening over and over again to records – Barbra Streisand’s recordings are no different, at least for me.

I’ve already purchased (i.e. pre-ordered) my copy of “What Matters Most,” so I can’t wait to listen to the album!

Although I’m curious. Since the new album is only 10 tracks – why isn’t being released in Lp format? Who wouldn’t want to spin a vinyl copy of a NEW Streisand recording?!

Oh Tuesday, please hurry up!

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