Surviving the first week

I’ve experience I don’t know how many “first weeks” of school. Semester after semester is always the same: the mounting tension, the stress, the understanding, realization and finally getting “into the groove.”

This past week however, has been anything but typical.

I’m taking on new subjects that are more challenging and more involved. I’m also returning to the Spanish language after an absence of over a year.

Saying goodbye to the long hair..

The stress of more hours, lots of reading, lots of vocabulary, tons of things to understand and figure out has left me frazzled, to say the least. Thankfully with the support of an ever understanding boyfriend, family and great friends, I live to see a new day.

I’m getting back to actually studying and spending time reading and doing what I usually don’t – applying myself. There’s an app for that actually, it’s called “iProcrastinate” and it’s really helped me remember due dates and when things need to be completed and such. I’m hoping I can keep everything in line.

I’m almost finished.. almost. 

Oh, and I’m NOW a staff writer for the MTSU newspaper Sidelines. My first piece will be the upcoming production of Into the Woods. I cannot wait.

I just need to keep my mind focused remember that the goal is to graduate. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. I have friends, family and the support of a great guy to assist me along the way. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

This Labour Day weekend will be spent with my boyfriend, Cleve and memorializing not only the death of my grandfather, (Daddy Jim) who died 10 years ago this year (just days prior to 9/11) but also the horrific events that changed the face of our nation, and of the world.

More later..

One thought on “Surviving the first week”

  1. AMAGHD! MTSU NEWSPAPER! Send Allie Pallie a copy! :DDDD!!!
    I love you, Chris. I think you and I both need motivation for our classes. I have a strong feeling I”m going to fail my Medical Terminology exam. Mostly because I’ve only studied 2 nights since Tuesday, hah 😐

    I know you can make it since you’ve gotten this far and I can help you in Spanish if you need it. As long as it’s not a class where you have to write and translate whole books. ;]

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