A turbulent take-off

I had hoped I could write about how awesome this semester is turning out to be. Sadly, I cannot. It’s as if I’m being punished by God in some sort of puritanical way, for previous academic misdeeds. What could have I had possibly done? A bit of cheating? Trying to weasel my way out of an assignment? Not trying my best at a piece of homework or a test? Whatever the reason, I am not at all chuffed with the way things have been going for me of late.

For starters, the whole “full time student” idiom is so true for me — spending 36 hours a week at school is so tiresome. I should be getting paid $13 hr just for being on campus.

I’m taking 15 hours, which doesn’t seem like much to a lot of people. I know undergraduate/graduate students who pull 20+ hours per semester. However, when one factors in I’m taking 3 English classes, 1 Spanish and a writing workshop (once a week) assignments tend to pile up. Or, in my case, back up.

Reading novels, introductions to textbooks, writing flashcards, penning ideas for 2 short stories and preparing for my first piece as a staff writer for the school newspaper, my weeks at school will be pretty full.

As I’m spending so much time on campus, I’ve been thinking a lot about the school itself and things that I find very irksome. Here are some things I thought about yesterday:

  • Collegiate restrooms are disgusting, in particular the mens room. Guys doing their business, not even flushing a urinal or toilet and never mind washing their hands. Germs spread people!
  • The sidewalks on campus are treacherous. A very good friend of mine took a tumble on an uneven sidewalk last week and banged up her knee. In atypical fashion, the calvary had to be called out (police, ambulance et al..) because it hard to be “documented.” If the school actually paid MORE attention to student safety, falls and slips wouldn’t happen so frequently.
  • Parking is archaic. It wouldn’t be bad if we all lived in Chicago or New York and could safely bicycle our way to school, lived within walking distance or could take public transit. Sadly, more than 50% of the student population at MTSU commute. Which means, that most students have to figure out where to park and fight traffic. Here’s my suggestion — the school should buy the old hospital downtown and use its parking lot and garage for students. Only senior level students should be allowed to park on campus. On some college campuses (like the University of Iowa, I heard) students cannot park on campus at all.
  • MTSU professors need to get with the program and actually educated young minds. We aren’t paying $3500 a semester either out our own pockets, our parents pockets or student loans to be bored. The tuition paid each semester helps pay your salary. So, please educate college students, don’t just stand before them and talk or be arrogant because you’re a “Dr.” so-and-so. Teachers and professors were once students too!

As you can see, when my nose isn’t stuck in a textbook, I’m usually thinking of ways that things can be improved. Albeit, I bitch about how much I can’t stand being on campus all the damned time. But, alas and alack, so is the life of a college student. Long hours studying, little time to relax or play.

Fortunately, I have great friends and a wonderful boyfriend – who, with time and patience have been able to calm, relax and assure me that things will be fine. Hard to believe that school has been in session for all of two weeks and I’m already freaking out?! Perhaps roughness early is to be expected. Whatever the cause and whatever the outcome, I am so happy I have people in my corner to help and assist me.

Sunday is of course the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. We all know where we were on that fateful day. Let us all take a few moments this weekend to remember those who lost their lives, and the countless others who loss loved ones.

My Love to all..


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