Garfield is so right!

Monday, monday

Monday’s are usually defined as: a. manic b. get me down c. days to hate

Today has been one of those days. Granted, I only have one class today (Literature in the Holocaust) it still started off remarkably bad. Maybe it had something to do with the events of last night? It might.

Last night my smoke alarm went off. Usually a very rare occurrence, since I don’t check the battery all that often, I tend to forget that it’s placed above my doorway.  However, it went off and scared the crap out of me. Of course, that’s what a smoke alarm is supposed to do: get your attention and raise your awareness that something “might” be amiss.

The light switch in my bathroom has been wonky for some time. As Cleve can readily admit, he’s had trouble getting the main light above the vanity to go off. He has the magic touch with my door (getting it to close correctly) and turning my fan back on via the remote. But, the light in my bathroom is a bit tricky – the switch needs to be replaced. I’ve been afraid for some time that I’ll try to turn it off and the switch will arc, causing an electric short and fire. So, when my smoke alarm blared at 12:00a.m. I immediately panicked.

My first thought was: okay, trip the circuit. Nothing doing. My sister discovered, to her dismay, that the bathroom lights are on the same breaker as the guest bedroom (where her kids sleep) and there was no way she was about to turn off the electricity to that room. Damn.  So, she has a bright idea – unscrew the light bulbs. Brilliant.

So with thoughts of an impending electrical fire on my mind, I try to get to sleep.

I wake up bleary eyed to see my phone staring at me. 4:30a.m. it says. Well that’s just great, I usually get up at 6:00a.m. anyway. Mind you I don’t have a class until 12:40p.m.

Parking is so horrendous, I’m used to getting to school hours early. Hey, that just means I can get work done. 

Garfield is so right!

I’m awake and feeling fine, but my sister and her terrible twosome aren’t out of bed yet. 7:00a.m. rolls around, and I’ve had more than enough. Thus, very cheerfully, I pull a mini air horn out from the junk drawer in the kitchen and march upstairs.

I give two sharp blasts from the horn. Up rises my sister, as if the police are after her, all while I hear my mother laughing derisively downstairs.

I proceed to get to school, I still feel quite fine. Until, I get out my car and walk to school.

I will spare you the details, as they’re a bit graphic and I don’t think you wanna know how I felt during the panicked “Oh No” moment I experienced. But, that nasty, “gotta go now” feeling just happened upon me. I thankfully found a restroom and was able to not have a major accident. Yet, another close call. 

I had two of those moments today, for no reason. I had no breakfast this morning.

I’ve been having gastric issues for more than a week now..

Anyways.. that’s how my Monday has been. How was yours?

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