Espanol con música de Tony Bennett

Hola mis lectores y amigos. Pensé que podría empezar en español

Yes, I’m studying my spanish homework and listening to Tony Bennett’s new album Duets II. Last Tuesday, we started on the 10th chapter which is regards to “en el consultorio” (in the doctor’s office) and since I’ve been to my doctor here of late, I find this chapter and its vocabulary quite interesting. The one thing I do NOT find muy intersante is the Imperfect verb tense of both regular and irregular verbs. So I’m trying to figure out how to understand all this stuff and do the quia work (website workbook and lab manual) and still make a good grade on the test.

So, I’ve been sitting here making flashcards and taking in all the “contextos,” albeit slowly. I’ve also been listening to Tony Bennett on Spotify. Let me tell you how I think about the album:

Wow. Is Tony really 85? He sounds amazing, and his cast of superstar supporters is awesome. I was not sure about this album, since I had not heard his first “Duets” album in 2006, except for, of course Barbra’s duet with him on “Smile.”

Here are the tracks that I love:

  • The Lady is a Tramp – Lady Gaga sounds lovely, she should do some more Jazz. Her ad-libbing is awesome.
  • Body and Soul – Amy Winehouse shines here, it’s a beautiful track.
  • Blue Velvet – I’m no fan of k.d. lang, but her voice works very well on this track
  • How Do You Keep The Music Playing – I love Tony and Aretha together!
  • The Girl I Love – Sheryl Crow sounds great!!
  • Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) – This one surprised me, I had no Queen Latifah had such a nice singing voice.

As always, I also like to talk about the orchestrations and arrangements on albums. I will spare you that diatribe (since I’ve already discussed my obsession with orchestrations). However, I have to mention how I love the sound on the album.. it works. This MAY NOT be an essential Bennett collection, but I am sure it will do well on the Billboard charts. Also, I am almost certain that both Bennett and Streisand will be GRAMMY nominees this year – who will win? Lord only knows..

Back to studying Spanish..

Hasta Luego

P.S. I will actually post a more in-depth review later

4 thoughts on “Espanol con música de Tony Bennett”

    1. Thank you for the comment. I’ve decided to push Spanish back. I’m not quite ready for the whirlwind Spanish III. So, I’m going to study on my own and prepare to retake it next Spring. Quia, I don’t like. Spanish is okay, I just wish some professors would go a little slower. Can’t get everything we want.. French sounds lovely though. Can you speak the language?

      1. Yeah, Quia was difficult to work with. I took two years of French in college (up to level 4, I guess), and I’m rapidly forgetting it all. I can still read and speak a little, but writing is hard!! Taking it slow is probably the best thing, since languages are so complex…

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