Getting motivated, again…

Taking cues from an old album released by Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire Motivator a collection of music designed to exercise with, I’ve decided to restructure my own iTunes playlists and create a new one called, “Motivation” to give myself more of a musical incentive to get back into a walking/exercise routine. The true goal is to start running. My boyfriend does 1/2 marathons and is an avid runner. He’s tried, in vain, to get me to join him. I didn’t think I could do it. No, no. Truth is, I’ve been lazy and haven’t wanted to overtax myself. I’ve been walking so long, my body is used to it. Since I’ve been so stressed out (due to school) and have had major GI issues, I wanted to recharge the exercise batteries. It’s such a great day out, I should go out for a brisk walk or even power walk. I’m committed to doing better in school, reducing stress and not allowing school or people get the better of me.

The Citalopram (Celexa) is still sitting out on the sidelines. I was supposed to start taking it yesterday, but I’m just not sure about an anti-anxiety medicine. God knows I need to de-stress and take a chill pill. Perhaps there’s a better way?! I’m not sure. I will probably make a decision after conferring with my M.D. about it.

After an active weekend, I’m taking today easy. Cleaning around the house, doing some reading (for my Medieval Lit class) and doing a rough outline for my first short-story in my Fiction Writing class which will be workshopped next Wednesday. I’m not going to take things so hard from here on out. I worry too much about makings A’s, and freaking out about presentations et cetera. I’m better than that. There’s no sense in worrying about things the way I do. I will graduate and the school stress will be behind me.

Real life has stress too and when I’m faced with that – I’ll deal with it.

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