A chance to breathe

It seems as if I’ve not had any free moments to tell you what I’ve been up to.

Truthfully, I haven’t.

School has taken up my life with the stress is still as high as ever.

I did go for my colonoscopy a few weeks ago, the results came back negative. As wonderful as that is, the issues that plague me are still present. At least my colon is functioning as it should be. Now, to get to the root of the issue. Is it my diet, the stress or something else all together?! All I do know is that both September and October have been crazy months for me.

In regards to school, I’m not doing as terribly as I thought. I’ve had some very good results from several mid-terms – that’s been very surprising. Even though my stress and panicking about school etc., things haven’t been as awful as I have made them out to be. Soon enough, Halloween will be over and November’s crispness will set in. It will be Thanksgiving soon enough. I cannot tell you how much I long to be rid of this semester. Granted it started off fine, but the stress of life and the pressure to do well has all come to a head. Usually I can deal with it all, but of late it seems to be harder and harder.

That’s life I guess. It’s all how we roll along and deal with stress. I need to learn how to manage it better.

The one thing that has been a joy, is seeing all the colors of fall. The leaves are changing, the air is cooler and it all makes for a delightful postcard. Although, I am quite jealous that people in the northeast got a rare pre-Halloween snow. That would ease my mood quite nicely – snow. But nevertheless, fall will give way to Winter in no time and I will be able to breathe, rest, and relax before yet another semester is on my heels in January.

Who’s getting into the Halloween festivities? Got your costume in order? Ready for the parties and trick-or-treating?! Whatever you get into tomorrow night, do have fun! I’m not exactly what tomorrow will entail for me. Probably candy duty, as the children from the neighborhood will be out in full force. That’s the great thing about fall, as soon as Halloween is over, we get in full “Thanksgiving mode.” I’m sure Turkey day themed television ads will be rolled out immediately on Tuesday morning!

I can’t wait!

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