Audiobooks and studying

Last night I could barely sleep. Thankfully, iTunes has an application on the iPhone that makes it all too easy to purchase music, videos, audiobooks and all manner of entertainment. I live for hearing words from books. I love listening to audiobooks. Since Julie Andrews published her memoir, Home: a memoir of my early years she also recorded the audiobook in its entirety. Listening to a mellifluous voice read text is so soothing. I decided I would listen to the audiobook edition of Kathryn Stockett’s novel, “the help.” I read the paperback edition, thanks to my grandmother giving me her copy of the book. Listening to the novel gives it such a new dimension, hearing different voices read the characters is fantastic.

Today, the sun is bright and the heat makes it impossible to remain inside. It’s only a few days into Spring, but I’m so happy to be listening to a book, studying and jotting down my thoughts via my iPhone.

I’m so burned out on school. I’m just going through the motions because I have to. My classes (for the most part) bore me to complete distraction, except for my course in Southern Literature. Listening to “the help” seems to oddly enhance what my class is discussing, albeit Tennessee Williams isn’t quite the same as race relations in 1960’s Jackson, Mississippi – although not totally unrelated.

I love Southern Literature and its thematic elements: race relations, the grotesque, individual versus society, foodways and southerns civility and behavior. Thankfully, my Southern literature breaks the monotony of classes where professors don’t seem to know their asses from holes in the ground.

I cannot wait to be free of college, and to have my BA in English. Tomorrow I’m talking to my minor advisor, I’m graduating in December of this year. It’s been too long, I’ve been at this since I graduated high school in May 2006. It’s nearly been six full years that I’ve been in college. Sure I have an honors associates degree, but with my degree in English what am I fit to do?!

Oh, so many questions have been chasing themselves around in my brain – like dogs. However, for now I’m going to return to listening to this book and studying.

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