Always trying to fix things

I’m always trying to improve my writing. Yet, I find myself always stumbling around the same mechanical and grammatical errors. I don’t know what to do. Frankly, I suck at proofing and editing my own work, and that doesn’t bode well come term paper time. I usually get C’s and B’s on my papers because I cannot get the hang of things. 

Here’s where I get lost: 

  • Comma overuse: how to combat using the comma, too much.
  • Semicolons: is there an easily way to remember when to use this punctuation? 
  • Comma Splicethese things kill my papers, how does one get rid of them? 

There is hope for me, right?! Any assistance/suggestions/thoughts/encouragement would be greatly appreciated. 

2 thoughts on “Always trying to fix things”

  1. Chris K,

    Saw your comment on the Freshly Pressed post “What Blogging Has Taught Me” and my heart beat faster at the idea of an English Major writing a blog. I just had to pop over and read your site. I don’t promote myself in comments, but your post did ask for help, so here it is: my blog is the answer to your grammar questions, I think! I don’t yet have a semicolons post, but for you, I will write one.

    I just switched themes, as you will read on the sticky post, so I don’t have my custom menu finished. The comma posts are hyperlinked at the bottom of a post titled Punctuation Anxiety. One of them discusses comma splices. If you have any questions or feedback on my posts, my gmail address is my WordPress user name dot gmail.

    Best regards,

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