The TV

Just a few days ago, I recorded the Jubilee coverage via BBC America. I’m a huge royal buff and loved watching every bit of the coverage that the BBC had to offer. Granted the Thames pageant was a water-logged mess, it was still entertaining to see Britain celebrate the occasion, regardless of the weather. However, thanks to the limitations of technology I am threatened with the loss of what I’ve recorded.

I love digital television. It is such a joy to watch things in crisp HD quality on a SONY Google TV. However, one aspect of the whole “digital” entertainment realm really irks me. I have Comcast and have not had many issues with them. Yet one thing remains a mystery to me: why allow customers the ability to have a DVR to record live television without giving them the ability to save it on a USB flash drive and/or DVD?! I’m sure many of us still have old VHS tapes of stuff recorded off the television. I have in my collection VHS tapes of everything from live specials, to mini series, award shows and coverage of major events like Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. In the age of DVDs and DVD/R it would be nice to be able to save important broadcasts for posterity with ease via a DVR from ones’ cable/satellite provider.

Since I’m a Comcast digital customer, I have one of those fancy digital tuners with DVR capabilities. What stumps me however is, why does it have USB ports in the front and back if one is unable to utilize them? I called Comcast and they were no help to me. The individual I talked to stated, “you can access your DVR via your computer, but you cannot save anything.” D’oh! What’s the point of having a DVR if you can’t save anything to a USB flash drive?

I love to archive things and save everything for my own benefit. I love saving things period, and I think for those of us who like watching documentaries or important stuff on the television (how ever rare that is in the age of crappy reality show programming like The Bachelor and Jersey Shore) it would be nice to be able to save what we watch without the muss and fuss.

Does one really need a TV tuner card and all that jazz? Can’t the enjoyment of television be simple?

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