So I’ve been reading Cleo Laine’s memoir simply titled Cleo rather voraciously over the past few days. I love Cleo Laine’s albums and her voice is complete wonder. I love the interesting comparisons and contrasts between her story and the memoir of another Briton, Julie Andrews and her own story Home: A Memoir of my Early Years which was published in 2008.

I love reading about the lives of others, especially artists I’ve grown to know a love. Cleo’s autobiography is no exception. I must thank her for introducing me to knew words like: salubrious and pied a terre.

The only thing is is that she totally glosses over “Shakespeare and All That Jazz” the best-selling album that she did with her late husband Sir John Dankworth in 1964, and how the album came to fruition.

I’m also intrigued by her appearance in Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht’s ballet-opera The Seven Deadly Sins at the Edinburgh Festival in 1961. Why was that not recorded for posterity?

I’m bussing with questions about what I’ve been reading about Cleo Laine. Regardless her marriage to John Dankworth was a match in Modern Jazz heaven.

More Later

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