I don’t know what started it, but I’ve been watching a lot of Agatha Christie’s Poirot on YouTube. I owe so much to those who unselfishly uploaded (whether whole or in parts) various episodes of Poirot starring the amazing David Suchet as the fictional belgian detective. I’ve watched the 1974 feature film Murder on the Orient Express starring Albert Finney and compared it to the 2010 remake starring Suchet. Each film has its high and low points, but both are equally wonderful. Suchet was featured in a documentary (which aired on PBS in conjunction with the remake) about actually riding on the Orient Express, tracing its history and how Agatha Christie’s own experience on the train helped her craft one of most famous novels. 

So, this week I’m going to B&N to purchase a few mysteries, and continue on this Agatha Christie marathon. 

In other news: my poetry writing class (which was supposed to start tomorrow) has been canceled. I was informed by the dept. chair that due to low enrollment the class would not meet. Fine by me, although I have to scramble to squeeze in another class for the fall semester. At least I’ll be getting some $$$ back – that will be good. 

In more news: wants to have an in person interview on Wednesday at 12:00 sharp. I was rather concerned, because I hadn’t heard anything back. Things are looking up. I really want this job! 

More later.. 


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