The past few weeks have been weird.

My sister complained of several teeth hurting and major swelling two weeks ago, and as is turns out, she has to have oral surgery on Friday. Last week, I experience pain behind my moral on the left side of my mouth. As it turns out, I have two wisdom teeth that are due to be removed. Unfortunately the pain stems from one of my teeth being impacted. Lovely. I’m such a worrywart and my mind kept racing: it’s an abscess, or a tooth is infected. No. My family tried to tell me it was a wisdom tooth and I wouldn’t be consoled until I found out from a dentist. 

So, I have an extraction to look forward to next Monday. Fortunately I was prescribed Lortab for the pain, as it has been waking me up at night. Not fun. 

I thought wisdom teeth were supposed to give one “wisdom?” Instead I feel like I put one of Voldemort’s cursed horcruxes in my mouth. 

School starts in two weeks. I’m SO excited!! 

My job is still on, just have to wait for the warehouse to be completed. 


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