I’ve not been blogging much because I have been far too busy to blog. However, I am appealing to my reader(s) if there are any. I’m doing a research paper for English 3510 (English for Elementary Educators) on effective methods of teaching proofreading. I would like some input from those who write, blog, are college students, etc. What ways of proofreading have you been taught, or perhaps teach? What works for you and how do you help others in proofreading papers? I know I still need help in proofreading my own work; however, that is beside the point. 

Any help I could receive I would be forever thankful. 

One thought on “Proofreading”

  1. Finally! A post! Haha. I need to start posting more as well.
    When proofreading in high school, I’ve always been taught to look for grammatical errors in spelling.
    When I began my college path, I realized that just proper grammar is not enough. I have to read the written work for small grammatical mistakes, then read over it a second time to proofread it as a whole.
    I’d look for vague sentences, thoughts that haven’t been thoroughly examined, sentences (and sometimes paragraphs) that just don’t belong or don’t correlate to the topic given, see if they have a naysayer argument if it’s that type of paper, etc.

    Hope this helps!
    I’m working on a new blog post after I comment here.
    Comments appreciated!

    Miss you, Christopher. ❤

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