Still looking..

I’ve been filling out application after application and sending out scores of resumes. The process of looking for a job never ends; however, I remain hopeful that a job that I am happy with and can grow into… will come my way.

I’ve been pondering what to write on here and it’s been difficult to find a topic to talk about as of late. Should I talk about my job at amazon? No, because people can guess what I do: I make sure customer orders are shipped out on time. I enjoy the work, but I’m afraid that there is not much of a future for me. I’m a creative person and long to use my degree in a job that I feel good about. As much as I adore amazon, the standing on my feet for 10 hours does a number on the body and the mind. I long to be creative. I want to use my degree. I want to feel good about the years I’ve spent in school – that they weren’t a waste of time and good money. I still question what I can do, I continue to do that for years to come, but I do know that I want to continue learning and growing as a person.

I recently put in an application (resume and cover letter included), at a local marketing firm  for a marketing project specialist position. The manager at this firm was interested in a one-on-one interview with me. Apparently someone in the company had looked at my resume and was keen to talk to me. Unfortunately, the call arrived rather abruptly and I found I didn’t know anything about the company in question. So, I told the receptionist I would call back if I found a time I could do an interview. Last night, I did some research and discovered something I didn’t agree with: doing marketing for a local Chick-Fil-A restaurant. I’m sorry, but I will not work for a firm that supports hate and inequality  served with fatty, fried food. I  may be many things, but I refuse to sink so low. Thanks, but no thanks.

I’m still hopeful that the applications I’ve put out will get feedback. I’m ready for forward movement and growth.

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