Going back “downtown”

I have been a fan of British legendary songstress, actress and writer, Petula Clark for years. (I don’t know there is something about British musical artists that I love, my adoration of British Jazz legend Dame Cleo Laine notwithstanding.)  My mother, who first heard Petula’s music during her heyday in the early 1960s in Scotland, introduced me to her amazing song “Downtown” as a child. Since those formative years, Petula Clark’s music and fantastic artistry has been ever present in iTunes playlist(s). Just today, I read some sad news on Facebook: apparently Petula Clark was preparing a show at Olympia in Paris, France, but unfortunately the production company she was working with went under, leaving the singer and her crew with no choice but to cancel the show. The french have had a love affair with Petula Clark for decades, and no doubt the show was supposed to be start of a promotional tour for her new album Lost in You due to be released late next month.

According to Clark’s facebook page, the star posted:

I am deeply distressed and disappointed at the cancellation of my show at the Paris Olympia in March.
The company who were to “present” and “produce” the show – Additup – has “gone under”!!
In other words, they have gone into liquidation.

There is no news on whether or not the 80-year-old British pop legend will be able to promote her new album with a tour in the UK later this year or not.  Needless to say fans in France, England and all over the world were saddened by the troubling news, but rallied almost at once, asking her to play London and the rest of the UK instead. One Facebook user went as far as to declare “Paris will wait.”

The new album Lost In You produced by John Williams is a album of cover songs, but Petula was persuaded to tackle her 1960s hit “Downtown” once again. Oddly enough however, the album isn’t available from American online retailers… Hmmm, I hope that will be corrected soon. As of 2012, she is still very active having released an album in french simply entitled “Petula.”

It’s exciting that such a legendary performer is still going strong!

The album will be released on February 25th in the UK and according to Petula’s facebook page, Brooklyn NY based ‘The End Records’ will be releasing the album some time in April.

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