I’ve spent six years in school. I’ve graduated with two degrees. I’m filing out application, after application, after application and I still can’t seem to find a rewarding job.  Now sure, I’ve put my resume out on Monster.com and CollegeMonster.com and other places; however, I keep getting offers from two-bit insurance or sales companies wanting people to peddle their services. No, I’m sorry. I did not go to school for years to end up with a mindless job working for making $11 to find myself without a place to further my career prospects. I’ve been working the weekends at (Nameless company) since I was hired in October, but I’m finding that I grow increasing tired of standing on my feet for 10 hours a day. I don’t feel fulfilled at all. In fact, I feel cheated, unchallenged and useless. I want a job where I can gain necessary experience to go up within a company, I don’t think many promotions will be forthcoming, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have managerial experience, to say the least.

I will return to work tomorrow, still unsure of my future. I know what my skills are but I’m just languishing in a job that doesn’t suit me. I know so many college grads and post-grads are in the same position, I just wish there was something more to do be done. How many applications and resumes do I have to fill out before something good comes my way.

I just feel like a failure. I’m twenty-five and I work at job that makes me $11.00. I look at my resume and I have to laugh at how stupid it all sounds. I have two degrees and yet nothing to show for them. I want to go back to school, but what’s the point. I just feel unsure about so many things of late. No companies want to hire me, I don’t have any real skills that would be needed out in the real world. I feel like I’m doomed to remain making a wage that puts me just above the poverty line.

One thought on “Unsure.”

  1. Take this for what it’s worth, from a guy who never went to college: You’re not a failure. I can tell by your writing you’re a sharp person. Hang in there with your crappy job for now, keep your eyes and interests open, and good things will happen. I’m 46 and have started over three times in new careers simply by keeping my eyes and interest open; I’ve been a chef, journalist and firefighter. If I ever have a chance to write about a cooking fire, I’ve hit the tri-fecta of utilizing all my skills! Hold out for the thing you want to do, recognize that “thing” may change over time, and the money will follow.

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