A BA in Cultural Studies

I was so proud when I received my diploma from the administration building at MTSU. However, now I feel like I did something wrong. I keep second guessing myself with questions like: Did I go down the right path? Did I choose my course of study wisely? Should I perhaps have gone into Journalism or Mass Communication? (I particularly enjoyed taking journalism classes when doing both my associates and bachelors). I know just what to say when people ask me, “What can you do with a BA?” I’ve come with a statement I’ve fashioned for interviews when the question comes up:

The B A prepared me to think critically, write logically, and know more about cultural, philosophical, and historical perspectives of other countries and from our own nation. I know how and why people behave the way they do; I appreciate literature, music, art, and…… Studying poetry and prose taught me to examine carefully and critically what people write and say. I can use this to respond in a reasonable way and to enlighten myself and others about problems, solutions, and possibilities. Also, the B A taught me to know more about the world and myself.

To be honest, the above statement I had help with drumming up. Thank you, Dr. Cox!

That is all fine and dandy, however, I cannot seem to find a job that will utilize the skills I’ve developed in both the real world and the land of academia. I’m so afraid of being one of those college grads that has a degree but doesn’t use it, the diploma just stays in a frame — collecting dust.

I spend hours and hours filling out job applications, sending out my resume and typing up countless cover letters, with the hope that I will get a decent job, perhaps not the “ideal” job but one I can at least tolerate until something better comes my way.

I want to go back to school. When I had my nose in a book or when I was typing a paper, I didn’t have to worry about looking for a job.

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