Back again

So, thanks to bad sectors in my Mac’s hard drive, I had to take a few days out and wait for repairs to my beloved computer. The geeks at the Apple Store were very nice and brought my MacBook back from the brink. I have a new hard drive and they were kind enough to clean it as well, it looks brand new. That all happened on Wednesday with my mom nonetheless. It’s really weird, usually mom hates shopping with me; however, our latest trip to the mall proved to be quite fun. Mom helped me with the repair cost, we bought tea from Teavana (which I highly recommend,) we also stopped by Macy’s and I even got her to finally break down and buy herself a computer – a MacBook Pro, one of the new models. I am so proud of her, finally, she has a computer of her own again!

On the job front, I still haven’t heard from Verizon. As the old saying goes, “No news is good news” but I don’t think that is the case here. I was told I should hear something within a week of the interview? The training course starts August 13th, so I figure I would have heard something by now?! I’ve been told not to give up hope, that I still may hear something next week?! I just do not understand it, where am I going wrong? Do I interview badly, do my references not pan out? Something is preventing me from being a prime job candidate, I’m just not sure what that something is?!

The stress of wondering has caused me issues with my sleep pattern, hence I’m updating my WordPress at 4:00a.m.

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