How do you keep up with your blog?! There are so many writers and authors who are consistent with their postings. How do ones avoid boredom and keep regularly posting. Sounds strange but that’s where I am. I keep wondering why I say “I’m going to post more” but never do?! 

Currently I’m still looking for a new job. I have updated my resumes about one billion times on Careerbuilder, Monster, etc etc. I just keep wondering, “what should I be doing with my life?” I’m tired of dead-end work, going about my life as if I am in some sort of trance. 

I’m registered to return to school this fall to obtain a second bachelors degree in Electronic Media Communication. I miss learning. I miss having structure and a purpose to my day. 

Besides blogging more regularly there is something else I need to focus on, being more positive and upbeat about my life. 

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