Finding a new purpose

Now that the school semester is approaching the midterm point with ever increasing speed, I have found that my new media class is quickly becoming my favorite class. Not only is my professor engaging but she makes the class think. We’ve been talking about blogging this week and learning about the historical aspects of it. For example, I didn’t know there originally two kinds of blog (based on the textbook we’re reading): filter and journal style blogging. Now I do! Interestingly my professor gave us a challenge – try to write a mission statement for your blog, find a focus.

I know that I first started this blog with the intent to blog about my trials and tribulations as a college senior. Now that am, yet again, a college senior it seems to still fit. However, I also wanted to improve my writing skills. Well, no. Hone my skills. Most readers will admit that my writing needs improvement – or an editor. Anyone want to help me edit my blog posts?! Just kidding, or am I?

I love learning about new media. I almost considered majoring in it instead of Electronic Media Production. Seeing as how production seems to be quite an uphill battle maybe I should go with my original idea?! It is such a shame that one cannot double major in the same department. What fun that would be.

I have found that my blog seems to grow stale after a few days after not blogging. I’ve been so busy I have not had a real chance to dedicate time to daily blogging or maintaining the hebdomadal (I love that word) posting that I have written my calendar. Every Friday, my Mac reminds me to “BLOG!” I ignore the reminder however, thinking that “Oh, I have nothing to blog about” or “my writing sucks.” I truly need to cut that out.

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