university internet and an iPhone

I love how my school has so much trouble with the internet, and just recently they sent out a bulletin about how the bandwidth has been pushed to the max with so many students taxing the university’s internet speed and traffic. The email sent by the information technology department was also a bit humorous. Owing to the new iPhone and accompanying iOS update due out the department sent this last week, “We would like to ask a favor from each of you using an Apple device. The latest version of IOS, Version 8, is scheduled to be released tomorrow. Please do not upgrade your Apple device via the University network. With our current constrained bandwidth, a significant number of users downloading the IOS upgrade will be very detrimental to our Internet access speeds.”

I don’t know why they capitalized the “U” in university, the word by itself is not a proper noun.

I remember when iOS6 was rolled out, I tried updating my phone at school, a big mistake – it took 4 hours to complete.

No. I didn’t update my iPhone at school this time. I should have waited until at least today.

However, since I have updated my iPhone to the new iOS I have found that my phone doesn’t like to access the school’s Wifi. This brings me to today’s New Media/Technology piece on the issues that iPhone users have had with the new update. On Mashable, there is a brilliant article found here about the “epic fail” of the new iOS 8. The issues that people have had with the new iOS 8, not to mention the issue with a “bendable” iPhone 6, are a bit of an embarrassment to a company that boasted it sold 10 million new iPhones  in the first three days.

Will 8.0.2 work out the kinks, we will see. It always seems that these updates require more and more memory. Less space for my music.. =(

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