No HD Audio for iPhone..

Okay so I have been reading a lot of stuff on Mashable here of late. I came across an article posted by Pete Pachal in which he says informs readers that no, there is no HD audio on the new iPhone 6.

Like there would be?!

I love the fact that Neil Young’s own kickstarter campaign for his FLAC/HD audio music device, PonoPlayer, has been such a success. Even though Pono has rather steep price $399, I definitely am interested in purchasing one. Apple is missing the boat on the HD audio side in a major way and Pachal hits the nail on the head, “Given Apple’s close ties with the music industry, its recent acquisition of Beats and the 128GB storage option on the new iPhones (what are all those gigabytes for anyway?), some had expected Apple to add support for high-res audio this time around.” Also with Apple discontinuing the iPod Classic (I still love mine, I need to purchase a backup before they’re all gone) I would have thought that Apple would still want to reach out to all the music lovers out there.

What I find truly fascinating about the article is how they go into the frequency response, and they use Adobe Audition!

I hope that Apple will look at HD Audio some time in the future.

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