Music, Music and more music

Annie Lennox released her new album, Nostalgia, on Monday. I cannot stop listening to it. Seriously, it is so wonderful! I cannot stop replaying “Georgia On My Mind,” (I never cared for the Ray Charles version, sacrilegious I know) “Summertime,” “I Cover the Waterfront (the arrangement is so beautiful) and the Billie Holiday classic, “Strange Fruit.” Thankfully NPR did a lovely piece with Annie and posted it on their webpage. I’m glad a listened to the interview before purchasing the album. So many of the songs she recorded for her new album were made famous by other artists, and many of these songs are indicative of a particular time in history.

But even music has its limits.

You cannot go back to the past, but you can perhaps musically comment on the present – Annie does that on her new album. In her interview Lennox says, “”And there’s a part of me — kind of, sometimes — wants to slow it down and go back. And the one thing you cannot do — and this is inherent, the sort of irony of the title — you cannot go back. There’s no turning back of the clock. You’ll never do that. So nostalgia is a dip into an imaginary space, really.” How many songs that were written so long ago still have an impact on listeners today?! It is the same concept and I am glad that Annie Lennox took the time to lend her voice to such timeless material.

Speaking of music, I was browsing through Mashable trying to figure out something to post on my blog. I found this gem on earworms and the new book by Joel Beckerman entitled, The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the way We Think, Feel, and Buy 

Mashable lists 33 musical earworms that most people find (or perhaps will find) difficult to stop listening to. Since I have been replaying Nostalgia all week, I think I will add the entire album to the list.

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