No Subject for today

J. K. Rowling posted yet another story on the site Pottermore (I just had to recover my own username and password so I could get in). This time though it’s about a character everyone loved to hate – Dolores Umbridge! I mean come on, Professor Umbridge is a truly evil character and I think every student has had one of those teachers that was inherently vile. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than a new story from the world of Harry Potter. I really enjoyed this post from Mashable, which talks about Rowling’s inspiration for Umbridge.

On the social media side of things, Twitter has demoted Product VP after only six months. Twitter has been running very slow for me on this Halloween Friday, could it have anything to do with this? Doubtful. Read the story from Recode here.

Interesting quote at the bottom of the page:

“The leash is particularly short when it comes to the Twitter product. Weil will be the third product VP at the company this year alone, with Michael Sippey having left in January. Twitter COO Ali Rowghani was also ousted earlier this year when he was unable to deliver the kind of user growth the company expected. It was Rowghani who hired Graf.”


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