No Thanks

Facebook recently suggested that I take a picture and say, “Thanks” to my friends. I found that to be really creepy, I mean really, really creepy.

Another Facebook friend commented with, “it wanted me to tell where I spending the holidays so it could announce it to everyone. Creepy.” It really is strange; however, Mashable has an article that takes this idea further, you can turn “thanks” into movies.

Much like the “look back” videos, where you could take a retrospective look at your biggest moments on Facebook, this new “say thanks” is designed to help you share moments with friends and family. I don’t really much care for this. Instead of saying thanks with a video, why not invite friends and family over for Thanksgiving or better yet send them a Christmas Card in the mail (the old-fashioned way).

The proliferation of video and social media is fantastic, but it too has a sterile, mass produced feel to it.

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