End of the Semester

My first semester back to school has, mercifully, come to an end. Finals are done and now the waiting game for grades begins. As per usual, I have decided to keep blogging and continuing to shower love on my WordPress. I’m actually glad one of my classes required use of a blog, it gave me a great excuse to use this with some regularity.

As I was syncing more music to my iPod Classic, I came across this article from The Guardian

Thanks to Apple killing off the absoulutely wonderful iPod Classic, (which held anywhere between 80 and 160GB of music, video or photos) fans all over the world are paying inflated prices now, as iPod become gold dust.

According to writer, Paul Gallagher, “After Apple quietly pulled the Classic from its website, chief executive Tim Cook said the company no longer had access to the components and a redesign would have been too demanding.” Now I call bullshit on this, why would Apple decide to pull the plug on one of its most successful products and I highly doubt a redesign would be “too demanding.” Quite personally, I think the whole too demanding bit is just code for, “We’re lazy and we’re just going to keep pushing out lousy iPhones.”

Now with iPod being snatched up, it’s only a matter of time before ifixit.com runs of replacement parts for the iPod, so when it breaks you can put in a new screen or hard drive.

With Neil Young’s Pono Music player shipping out in the first quarter of 2015, with the ability to play FLAC files, I truly think Apple is missing the mark big time. They could make a killing redesigning the iPod and pairing it with Beats Headphones, I mean come on that’s a nobrainer.

I really like what Brian Ives of Radio.com writes, “But the company may have jumped the gun by pulling the plug, as it were, on the device that arguably both changed the music industry and saved Apple.” – It doesn’t make sense, why would you stop production on a product that SAVED your company.

I really want a Pono Music Player, the look so cool! That would be an ideal Christmas present, if anyone is at all keen in getting me a present *hint, hint.*

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