Dusting off the cobwebs

I have not touched my wordpress blog in what seems like an eternity. Who am I kidding, it has been an eternity. I’ve been busy with work and my life. Actually, no. I have not been busy with my life, instead I have been trying to figure out my life. I have kept telling myself, “I need to get back on my blog” but I have always come up with so many excuses. I’m too busy or I’m too tired.  But to my delight, I was reading an article on flipboard (I love the flipboard app on my iPhone) about how writing consistently and daily is a process and that in the beginning you’re “supposed to suck.”

 I want you to know I sincerely believe you can get better. If I’m capable of ascending from the depths of suckiness, so are you.

This article entitled “How to Write Consistently and Show Up Every Single Day (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)” is really enlightening and I loved reading it. Obviously I loved it, because I am back here posting after, how long has it been two years? Anyway, I am glad I have returned to my blog.. I’m not exactly going to be a musing english major as I once was, but I would like to actually regularly blog.

Until next time..


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