Links and other stuff

I love telling people where to go find music. People always ask me, “where did you find that?!” So..

Burning The Ground – This site is awesome, maintained by Tulsa resident DJPaulT. He loves everthing 80s and his website is super cool. Donate to his cause. Ripping vinyl isn’t for the faint at heart.

AudioPorn Central – The name says it all. A great site shock full of earcandy. Be sure to check out “Instant Joy” for interestingly humorous, if suggestive offerings.

Eighties Vinyl – Another Wordpress blog that I can’t get enough of. This individual keeps the glory of the 80s fresh and alive, offering music unavailable on commercial media.

As always, I encourage everyone to promote artists by of course purchasing music through legal venues: stores, online, etc etc. However, at times music can’t be found any other way except through dedicated bloggers who want to offer the world music that is rare, out of print, etc.

Over the years, several of my favorite spots on the interweb have been taken down for copyright infringement.

Tumblr – My Tumblr, which I love!

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