Okay, whoa..

So here are some facts:

  • Getting to school at 7:00a.m. is not a very good idea
  • Parking at MTSU still sucks
  • Spanish III is no cakewalk
  • Reading until my eyes fall out. SO much literature…Fun? Not.

But dost thou love life, then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of. – Benjamin Franklin

So, my second day was a bit overkill. There was no need to be at the Greenland parking lot at 7:00a.m. Unfortunately, the parking situation at Middle Tennessee is such that you either have to: fight for parking, stalk people to their cars, or contend with parking in BFE (for those of who aren’t aware of the acronym, I suggest using urbandictionary.com as a reference). That was my first mistake.

Me and my dear friend Autumn are in Spanish III (2010) together, and I think we were both equally nervous. Our professor is nice, (it’s a guy) another one of those “Dr’s” however, his attendance policy is strict, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: after 3 absences you get an automatic “F.” His reasoning is that being in class is better for “productivity.” We’re getting an education, not a paycheck. However, same rules apply in the real/working world. His syllabus is fussy and filled with italicized and bold phrases like: will, probably won’t, realistically, may and so on. I mean this is college – and not kindergarten. Treat students like they’re adults and not children, they should be able to respond appropriately. If they don’t, they will fail. Keep it simple and there won’t be any problems.

We have to sign an agreement?! What happens if you don’t….Hmmmm

Good lord.. lots to tackle! Pray for me, I have to make it through this semester. Even if I go kicking and screaming, I must make it to December 15th in ONE piece and with A’s!!