How did I earn my B.A?

I graduated from college in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in English. I am now close to completing a second degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis on New Media Communication. Even though I am loving my classes, I am still plagued by comma problems. I do not know how I earned a B.A. writing so inefficiently as I do.  Is it possible to write but not know how to proofread your own work? I feel like that is where I am now. I’m in a PR writing class and for example, one of my assignments, a feature story on a real life client, was returned with an awful grade and bleeding with red pen. I have tried not to beat myself up over it but it hurts. Not being able to proof effectively or watch out for comma stumbling blocks is truly embarrassing. I can only imagine how grammatically incorrect the posts here are, but it is my blog and I make the rules; however, in the real word grammar errors are not cute. Grammar errors look awful on resumes, cover letters, reports and so on.

So what is the big deal. What is my problem?

On the wall

I told my mother, that I wouldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment until the paper was framed and on the wall. Now, it’s something bittersweet. The culmination of years of work, hard work, comes down to the attainment of a piece of paper – the diploma. I picked up my diploma from the admissions office on Monday. I had a smile on my face and apparently my happiness showed because an older lady who works in the office said, “Congratulations” as she walked by. I do have something to be proud of. I actually reached not only one, but two of my goals – graduating with honors and graduating with my bachelors degree. I could not be happier.

Framed and on the wall
Framed and on the wall

Yes, the road has been long and hard; however, I have not backed down. I kept going and kept pushing myself. I know what I can do and I’m eager to keep going, to keep learning and broadening my horizons.

I’m looking at taking the GRE some time in March, after taking a three day workshop next month. I’m looking into school all over the country (and in Canada.) I have only one problem, many of them offer just straight MA programs in English, and I don’t want to go the traditional English route. More searching and scouring, that’s okay though.

I’m still looking for jobs, still looking for something meaningful to do. My searching reminds me of that song from the musical Avenue Q, “What do you do with a BA in English” it’s life imitating art. I didn’t think I would be asking the same question, and yet here I am doing just that. That’s okay, I have the support of friends, family and a wonderful boyfriend who has supported me and helped me to this milestone.

Days to go

I just have a little over a week to go before I’m out of college! It is so surreal. It seems like only yesterday I was a freshman in college and now I’m graduating. Finally. It’s been such a long, hard  road. 

I made an A on my proofreading paper for my English for Elementary Educators class. I can honestly say that is a class I will sorely miss; however, I do believe I learned things in it as well. 

I will blog more as the days get closer to my cap and gown. I have like ONE MILLION things to do. Papers to edit, study guides to do for exams next week. It all ends 12/15/2012. 




I’ve not been blogging much because I have been far too busy to blog. However, I am appealing to my reader(s) if there are any. I’m doing a research paper for English 3510 (English for Elementary Educators) on effective methods of teaching proofreading. I would like some input from those who write, blog, are college students, etc. What ways of proofreading have you been taught, or perhaps teach? What works for you and how do you help others in proofreading papers? I know I still need help in proofreading my own work; however, that is beside the point. 

Any help I could receive I would be forever thankful. 

The Reluctant Blogger

I don’t blog as much as I should or would like to. One reason is because not enough goes on in my life to warrant blogging everyday. Yes I’m a college senior, and yes I’m looking for a job – but does that warrant blogging about all of life’s ups and downs? I don’t think so. Another reason why I don’t blog much is because I’m afraid to. I hesitate in blogging because in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Oh god, someone is critiquing my grammar, and I’m supposed to be an English major.” (Aren’t people studying English supposed to write well?) I could always throw caution to the wind and make all sorts of grammatical errors and mistakes. Trouble is, I want to improve my  English and make less mistakes. I’ve never turned in a paper that didn’t have comma splices or sentence fragments. I know it takes time to improve technique, but I’m impatient. I want to be a writer when I “grow up” and I’m even considering going after a Masters Degree in English, but am I truly ready for it?!

I’m due to graduate in December and I’m highly considering taking the GRE. Yet I’m stopped by my own fears and concerns that I’m not academically up to snuff. Although I am excited for my last semester, (I’m taking a lot of cool classes that I truly am looking forward to,) again I am not too thrilled with ending my undergrad career with all of these questions about my future.

On a brighter note, I had my prescreen interview with Friday afternoon. I was nervous about it,  having never previously experienced a telephone interview. It went really well and I’m pretty sure I answered all the questions appropriately, if I had not I’m sure the lady I talked to wouldn’t have bothered asking for my “proof of education.”  Still I applied for a warehouse job, meaning I would be on my feet for more than eight hours a day walking upwards of five to ten miles daily, not to mention lifting 30 pounds or more. I’ve done my research and the pay is comparable to what I made during my summer job two years ago. 11.50 an hour with the possibility of being hired as a full-time Amazon employee (after a probationary period). Honestly, I’m really excited about the prospect of getting this job. I really want to work. I remember when I was in high school, my grandparents wanted me to get a job, and I dodged the idea left and right. All these years later with the economy still in the toilet and nearing graduation, I regret my actions all those years ago. I should already have a job that I’m successful at. No use crying over spilt milk, but the sting of my decision still smarts.

This week marks the end of my Spanish 2020 summer course. If I complete the final successfully (not if but when) this thursday, I will put my foreign language requirement to bed. After more than two years, I’m anxious in being rid of this Spanish monkey on my back. Today will be spent doing flashcards and ensuring I know the vocabulary and the grammar. It’s been a wild ride, but one I will be happy to see end.

July will see me back on campus taking a poetry writing course, so I will not have a chance to take a breath before the fall semester starts in August. That’s okay though, I had a break in May between the spring and fall semesters.

I still hope to make a dent in the backlog of books I have in my room. I have so many books I’ve either purchased or received as gifts that I’ve not been able to either start or finish.

To be honest, there’s a lot on my “to do” list but will I have time to do all the things I want to?! Who knows.

First things first though, must get a start on those Spanish flashcards.

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What Now?

I see people doing things and going places and I wish that was me. I want so much but get started too late. I feel like something of a non-starter, someone who tries their hardest to get somewhere, and yet ultimately fails because someone better beats them to the punch.

I’m due to graduate in December, I have no job and I’ve been searching in vain for gainful employment. I’ve wanted an internship at a newspaper but no one wants me. “You haven’t written enough..” they say. It’s either that statement or I get, “You’re not a very good writer, why did the school newspaper print this,” I read that in an email from a editor (who shall remain nameless)  I asked to council about getting started and what I could do to “get my foot in the door” as my grandmother always advices.

“Get your foot in the door, that’s all you have to do” I’m constantly reminded by my family members. How can I possibly get my foot in the door, when no one wants to give me the time of day?!

Honestly, at MTSU I feel like what I want to do doesn’t really matter. I want to better my writing skills, I want to be able to write with fluidity. More efficiently and with less mistakes. I can only imagine the reason why I don’t get asked to write for the school newspaper, even though I’ve been on staff at Sidelines since last December. Since I’ve been at MTSU I feel like my writing as progressively gotten worse, like a terminal illness that has no hope of a cure. You have cancer and you’re going to die, end of story. I feel like my life is one giant hamster wheel and I keep going round and round.

That’s what I truly want to do. I want to write. I’ve had a passion for writing for a long time, true I’m no great columnist and I don’t write for the New York Times, but even the pros were once rookies, amateurs.

I want to write musical play reviews, I want to write biographies of people I love. I just want to be able to have something in print, that I can honestly say “I wrote that, that’s mine” and beam with undisguised pride and mirth.

I feel that at twenty-four I should have things figured out. I should have all sorts of job offers and my portfolio should be filled to capacity with all sorts of clippings and pieces I could show prospective employers. I don’t.

Life should come with a road map with directions: If you wanna go here, do this..


So. Next week is the last week of classes, before exams take place. Unfortunately my British Literature class received their take home essays back this evening. I made a C. Okay, I thought I was finished with getting shitty (excuse me,) grades on essays? It still comes down to the sour truth of: I don’t proof read enough, and I don’t happen to have an editor. I could take my paper to the “Writing Center” on campus, but those individuals refuse to assist in editing. Obviously taking pity on undergraduates isn’t something people do anymore. Never mind that we’ve had count them 2 grades in this class. Our first test I only passed because our professor (whom shall remain nameless) graded it on a curve. 

He declared to the class,  “You’re lucky no one made an F.” Not much of a saving grace.. 

Why do professors have to be so anal about things?