Déjà vu

It seems like I have been in this position before – I have recently graduated from college and now I am looking for job. Yes, I have been in this same position before. Only this time I have graduated with my third degree, a second bachelor’s degree, and I am still finding it very difficult to find a job, or actually any job for that matter.

This is exactly how I feel right now.

It is so frustrating to continually put out my resume, applications, cover letters and the like in hopes, extraordinarily desperate hope, that something will pan out. Sadly, I have found myself getting feedback on jobs in the realm of marketing. I do not have a degree in marketing. My second degree is in new media communication, with an emphasis in social media/new media. However, jobs along those lines are few and far between.

I have my resume everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and anywhere else I can think of. I’m constantly trying to figure things out and asking things like: “Why can I get land a job that compliments my degree?” “What am I doing wrong?” I am having huge doubts about my ability to land a good job, specially with how hard I’m trying. I graduated nearly two months ago. According to research and a seminar class I took during my last semester, it takes anywhere from three to five months to find a job after graduation. I’m very impatient. I want a career. I want to be able to make money, pay off bills.

I want a job!!! Hire me.


Over qualified

Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Cultural Studies with a minor in Writing. Possesses administrative experience working with management on written communication. Self-directed, able to coordinate, manage and prioritize tasks with a strong work ethic. Recognized for excellent written communication skills, organizational and interpersonal skills, able to think analytically and work with others to accomplish primary goals and objectives.  Proficient in Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6.

The job search continues..

A BA in Cultural Studies

I was so proud when I received my diploma from the administration building at MTSU. However, now I feel like I did something wrong. I keep second guessing myself with questions like: Did I go down the right path? Did I choose my course of study wisely? Should I perhaps have gone into Journalism or Mass Communication? (I particularly enjoyed taking journalism classes when doing both my associates and bachelors). I know just what to say when people ask me, “What can you do with a BA?” I’ve come with a statement I’ve fashioned for interviews when the question comes up:

The B A prepared me to think critically, write logically, and know more about cultural, philosophical, and historical perspectives of other countries and from our own nation. I know how and why people behave the way they do; I appreciate literature, music, art, and…… Studying poetry and prose taught me to examine carefully and critically what people write and say. I can use this to respond in a reasonable way and to enlighten myself and others about problems, solutions, and possibilities. Also, the B A taught me to know more about the world and myself.

To be honest, the above statement I had help with drumming up. Thank you, Dr. Cox!

That is all fine and dandy, however, I cannot seem to find a job that will utilize the skills I’ve developed in both the real world and the land of academia. I’m so afraid of being one of those college grads that has a degree but doesn’t use it, the diploma just stays in a frame — collecting dust.

I spend hours and hours filling out job applications, sending out my resume and typing up countless cover letters, with the hope that I will get a decent job, perhaps not the “ideal” job but one I can at least tolerate until something better comes my way.

I want to go back to school. When I had my nose in a book or when I was typing a paper, I didn’t have to worry about looking for a job.