Music inspires me

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on my blog. I’m still looking for a new job, continuing to fill out job applications. I haven’t stopped, nor have I given up hope. I have wanted to several times, but to give up would be to admit defeat. One cannot give up. I’ve also applied to go back to school in the spring, for a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, with an emphasis in Media Production.

I’m listening to Kate Bush’s 1985 album, Hounds of Love, and the song “The Big Sky” starts playing over my iTunes. I just closed my eyes momentarily and envisioned an ad for British Airways. Music makes me think of television ads and things. I realized then, at that very moment, that my idea to go for a degree in media production is a right choice. I’m no longer jealous of other people. We are all destined to do things. I think it’s silly that I was once, if momentarily, jealous of my contemporaries for their abilities to work in fields that they love. I’ve been down on myself, depressed and angry – but for what?! I should be happy in the fact that I’ve never given up. I’m not a quitter. I try and keep at it until something happens. I defy the rules. When someone tells me I can’t, I do it anyway.

Great things are going to happen!